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Used for many years for cooling in warm climates, mini-splits or heat pumps are now one of the fastest-growing technologies for ultra-efficient heating in cold climates. If you’re thinking of installing a heat pump, you’ve come to the right place! At Jackson Plumbing & Heating, our technicians are certified installers and service techs.

Many companies do installations today. However, not all are certified to service them afterward. When you call Jackson, you get action from certified professionals who will take care of you long after the sale.

Rather than generate heat from combustion or electric resistance, heat pumps extract heat from outside air or the ground and deliver it indoors, as needed. This process is a more cost-effective way to heat than most conventional systems. In the summer, heat pumps can reverse and work as air conditioners, cooling the indoors and rejecting heat outside.

Ductless heat pumps have one outdoor unit connected to one or more indoor units with small copper lines. These are the most efficient air-source systems. They are often installed in homes and offices to supplement existing systems, usually in the most frequently used rooms like family rooms or bedrooms.

Over the course of a typical Maine winter, these units can deliver more than three heat units for every unit of electricity used. Heat pumps are great for adding supplemental heat in colder months to offset more expensive heating options. They also provide more cost-efficient air conditioning in the summer months.


It’s important to have a licensed, certified installer to evaluate your individual situation and recommend the right unit for you. At Jackson Plumbing & Heating, our estimates are always free. We are certified through Efficiency Maine, allowing you to qualify for rebates on heat pumps that we install.

Like any other heating or air conditioning system, heat pumps should be on a regularly-scheduled maintenance service program. Our licensed installers can clean and inspect your unit annually. We gladly service all heat pump brands, whether or not they were purchased from us.

Our service area is within 30 miles of Bangor. Our service techs are on the road daily. Contact us today! 


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